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A house in Finland looks like this

On this short video you can see how a house in Finland looks like. It is build after the World War II in 1951 and got more space in 1967. This is the house, where I was born and used to live for my 20 first years. Now the house is for sale. The property is located in Kotka, Finland, 135 km from Helsinki and 70 km from Vaalimaa, the Russian border.

If you have time and interest to see more about the house, please view the longer video about it in Finnish texts.

More information and floor plans etc. about the house on the page

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Guide to Buying Pet Products by Andrew Gates -

Facts about pets

Australian families who share their homes with pets number among the highest in the world, with 64% of households including pets. In those 7. 5 million households, fish top the pet population at over 12 million, followed by birds, at 9 million. At almost 4 million, there are more dogs than either boys or girls under the age of 14 years, and our domestic cat population is approximately two and a half million. If we group horse for pleasure riding, rodents, rabbits, snakes, lizards and others together, we can add another 2 million pets.

Pet Supplies Pet association has been shown to have enormous positive benefits on health and wellbeing of Australians. When you have a pet as a member of your family, you will visit the doctor less frequently and use less medication, have lower cholesterol and lower blood pressure, recover from illness and surgery more rapidly, deal with stress better and be less likely to feel lonely. All in all, it is estimated that pet association saves the Australian health budget almost S4 billion annually.

Around 90% of Australian familles with pets, consider those pets as fully integrated family members and the primary caregiver who assumes responsibility for the pet in the majority of situations is female. Not surprisingly, expenditure on pets, pet care and pet products in Australia is placed at more than $4 billion annually and provides employment for more than 40, 000 people. Of this expenditure, two thirds (66%) is spent on dogs and one quarter (25%) is spent on cats. dogs therefore get the greater amount of attention in pet world.

Care and grooming products

Caring for pets requires time and energy on the part of the caregiver. In today's busy world, time is a commodity in shorter supply than perhaps it once was. There are a lot of products available to help reduce the amount of time needed for pet care. Search Myshopping. com. au for pet care products for your particular animal.

There are automatic feeding and watering products that mean your animal can access food and water when they need it and don't have to depend on you being there to attend to it. Having water readily available for dogs and cats is important because they dehydrate more quickly than humans. Automated pet feeders not only reduce the chore of being there to provide meals for your pets, but add the convenience of timing food releases for animals that may be subject to particular dietary needs. Using an elevated pet feeder can aid your pet's digestion because the pet doesn't have to strain and bend over to access the food. Portable watering and feeding products are useful for those who take their pets with them at work or on the move, and include drinking pouches and feedbags for dogs and cats.

The need to groom your pet depends a lot on your living environment, and whether (or how much) your pet is an indoor or outdoor pet. Grooming could be a daily, weekly or occasionally scheduled activity, and is necessary to keep the animal's coat healthy and to eradicate fleas and other parasites. It is also important to keep dander in check. Grooming products for pets include products for coat maintenance, nail clipping, dental care, bathing and beauty. There is a huge range of shampoos, face washes, and deodorisers and skin care products as well as styling tools and bows and ribbons for beautification. Grooming tools you may require could include a grooming table, heated blower-dryer, combs, rakes and brushes. As well as nail files and clippers.

Accommodation and transport products

As we cram ourselves into smaller and smaller living spaces, we have a need to accommodate our pets in the most comfortable manner. There is a huge range of bedding, mat and cushion products for dogs and cats, as well as cages and aquariums for birds and fish. (Aquariums are also available for hermit crabs and snails). Small 'housing' products such as indoor and outdoor kennels and sleeping tents and bags come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit all kinds of living environments. Rugs and shelters are also important for keeping your pets warm during cold weather, and insulated or shaded shelters are important during warmer weather. Pet that suffer from arthritis can benefit from pet warming pads, while animals that have motor disabilities can benefit from special ramps and steps that aid them in their mobility.

As a large proportion of pet owners like to travel with their pets in cars or on bicycles, there are a large number of travelling options, including specially designed car seats, harness and soft cages. Some car seats double as a travel suitcase to carry your pet's travel needs or as a bed for a comfortable night's sleep. For the cyclist, there is a range of pet bicycle baskets available with different safety and security features.

One of the reasons that pets help foster better health is due to the time we spend walking, running or playing with them. Searching Myshopping. com. au for leads and collars will yield a tremendous variety of products. Leads that you can belt around your waist give you 'hands-free' control of your dog while you walk or jog freely. Collars not only provide a way to carry your animal's registration tags, but also provide a unique identity for your pet. If your pet is small or has a disability, you can get a pet stroller or a pocket pouch to walk or carry your pet.

Safe and secure enclosures can keep pets from wandering off, while giving them an outdoor experience. Safety pet fences or cat fences are wire mesh enclosures that can be used in backyards or on balconies to keep you pet safe while giving tem the ability to stretch in the fresh air. Portable soft pens, many of which can be coupled together to enclose a larger area, are ideal for containing a pet indoors or blocking off an entrance.

Safety products and toys

There are occasions when both pets and humans need to be kept safe from each other and from other dangers in the home and neighbourhood. These can include muzzles and safety restraints, as well as steps and life preservers to use in shimming pools and at beaches. The elderly pet may need special pet stairs or slings to help with mobility, or a brace that acts as a support crutch.

There is no shortage of toys for your pet available through Myshopping. com. au and may include scratching posts and tunnels for your cat; Frisbees, balls and bones for your dog, mirrors and balls for your birds, racing tracks for rodents. You can even find the more unusual toys along with training devices; clothing articles and pampering products here on Myshopping. com. au just click and search.

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Three Simple Solar Power Systems - ArticleCube

Solar power has received a lot of attention as one of the answers to our energy crisis. The fact that solar panels provide energy from a clean and free source, the sun, makes it a viable option. But many homeowners are asking: what sort of system would work for me? Well of course that depends on your situation and what you are looking to get out of solar energy. Let's talk about your options for small simple systems and the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Integrated Solar

This is probably the smallest of all photovoltaic systems. These can be found where the solar panel is built right into the appliance that it is powering. For instance calculators, garden lights, fountains, flashlights, and many other small electronic devices are powered by the sun.

Advantages of Integrated Solar Power

* Portability. These units often can be moved easily and since they are powered by solar they don't require power cords.

* Maintenance Free. Maintenance is virtually nonexistent and they do not require expensive fuels.

* Batteries. These units have an internal battery which lasts much longer than the common battery we're used to.

Disadvantages of Integrated Solar Power

* Scalability. General these units are small and the power they require is minimal. For larger appliances that consume more energy having integrated solar panels is not practical.

* Part Replacement. Integrated products usually are hard to take apart and fix. For example , if the battery quits working you may just have to replace the entire unit.

Direct Solar

This is the simplest way to get power from the sun's rays. Direct solar simply feeds the energy that is collected by a small array to an appliance or pump without a battery. The system usually consists of a small panel, a mounting mechanism, and the pump or appliance.

Advantages of Direct Solar Power

* Cost. These systems usually are fairly inexpensive since they don't require batteries.

* Installation. Direct units are relatively easy to install as long as the area has ample sunshine. Since power cords are not required, almost anyone with a few tools can install them.

* Remote Capability. Homeowners and business owners love these systems for their water features and well pumps that can fill tanks or ponds during the day when the sun shines and then shut off as soon as the sun sets.

* Maintenance Free. Maintenance is virtually nonexistent and they do not require expensive fuels.

Disadvantages of Direct Solar Power

DC Power. Solar panels produce direct current (DC) power and many appliances require alternating current (AC) power.

* Storage. Since these systems don't have batteries, they don't run when it is cloudy or at night.

Solar-Battery-DC Systems

Many DC systems can be powered with small panels and battery storage systems. These systems will consist of a solar panel, mounting system, battery bank, charge controller and the connection to the electronic device. The charge controller ensures that PV units do not overcharge the batteries.

Advantages of Solar-Battery-DC Systems

* Storage. These systems can store the sun's energy for use at night or on cloudy days.

* Remote Capability. These systems are great for lighted signs, fountains, out-buildings and pumps that need to work regardless of sunshine and where access to power is an issue.

* Lighting and Pumping. Since lighting and pumping are very popular tasks for photovoltaic systems, there are special high-efficiency pumps and lights made exactly for these applications.

Disadvantages of Solar-Battery-DC Systems

DC Power. Solar panels produce direct current (DC) power and many appliances require alternating current (AC) power.

* Cost. Batteries can add significant cost to the installation depending on how much storage you need.

* Maintenance. Batteries require regular maintenance and need to be replaced more often than solar panels.

If you are thinking about a PV power system for your needs, you should contact a solar professional. They can custom design a solar power solution for almost any application and location.

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How to ... Roofing: Closed Cut Valley explained

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10 Ways To Extend The Life Of Fresh-Cut Flowers Like a ...

1 . Florists realize the virtue of cutting flower stems under water before transferring them from bucket to vase. When flower and foliage stems are exposed to air they will immediately begin to seal up inhibiting the absorption of much needed nutrients. Secondly, when fresh cut stems are exposed to air, bubbles of air become trapped in the stems, preventing the steady flow of water to uptake through the stem.

2 . Florists and commercial growers use lukewarm water for their cutgardeningstore"> flowers. The water temperature should be comfortable to the wrist, approximately 100°F to 110°F. Theobject is to facilitate the water and nutrients to get to the head of the flower as quickly as possible. Warm water molecules move faster than cold water molecules and thus will greatly enhance the absorption process. The one exception to this rule is bulbgardeningstore"> flowers, such as tulips, tend to thrive in cooler water.

3. Florists know that a well balanced preservative solution drastically increases the longevity of cutgardeningstore"> flowers. Under normal circumstances, the plant will supply what the flower needs; however , when severed, the flower becomes immediately deprived of these essential nutrients. Commercial preservatives offer a form of these nutrients to the cut flower. Such solutions contain sugar for nutrition, antibiotics to fight bacteria, and citric acid to add necessary acidity to the water. When using a commercially produced or homemade preservative, always be sure to use the recommended measurements. The recipe included with this article offers the same preservative properties found in most commercial brands, and is extremely effective in prolonging the vase life.

Flower Preservative Recipe:
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon bleach
2 teaspoons lemon or lime juice
1 quart lukewarm water

4. Florists know that clean, bacteria free, shears or clippers, made specifically for cutting plant stems vastly improves a flower’s ability to uptake fluids. Using ordinary scissors, made for cutting fabric or paper will crush the flower’s vascular system, and prevent proper water uptake. A bulkier gauge tool, designed for cutting stems, will create a sharper cut, causing less damage to the stems delicate vain system.

5. Florists realize the advantages of cuttinggardeningstore"> flowers and foliage at an angle and approximately one inch up from the bottom of the main stem. Cutting a 45 degree angle near the bottom of the stem provides a larger, more exposed area for the uptake of the water. In addition , the angle also enables the stem to stand on a point, allowing the water to be in contact with more of the cut surface.

6. Florists are aware that recutting limpgardeningstore"> flowers enables the stem to readily absorb more water. A fresh cut will open the veins up allowing the flower stem to absorb necessary nutrients.

7. Florists are aware that keeping fresh cutgardeningstore"> flowers away from drafts, direct sunlight, and ripening fruit drastically prolongs the longevity of a bouquet. Ripening fruit emits ethylene gas, which encourages poor petal color, discourages petals from opening, and shortens the overall vase life of a bouquet. In addition , direct sunlight and drafts are also major culprits in shortening the life and beauty of a fresh flower bouquet.

8. Florists know that keeping the Oasis foam clean, fresh and soaking in preservative treated water extends the vase life of a floral arrangement. If your bouquet arrives in wet Oasis foam, keep the floral foam soaking wet by adding a small amount of preservative treated water each day. In addition if, after a few days, the Oasis is carefully removed (while keeping the flower stems inside the Oasis), and allowed to drain for only a few minutes, then placed back in a clean vase with fresh preservative treated water, the bouquet’s life can last far beyond the normally expected vase life.

9. Florists know that the stems of hollow-stemmedgardeningstore"> flowers will benefit from being manually filled with water. Simply turn the flower upside down and pour water into the open cavity of the stalk. To keep the liquid in, plug the stem with a small piece of cotton, then place it in the vase, or place your thumb over the opening at the bottom of the stem and place it in the water. The water trapped inside will keep the stem strong and straight.

10. Florists understand the advantages of removing excess foliage and dieing, wilted blooms. By removing all the lower foliage when initially creating a bouquet, and by tossing the deadgardeningstore"> flowers as they begin to die, the vase life of an arrangement can be lengthened or even doubled. Changing the water, adding the correct amounts of new preservative, and rearranging the bouquet to compensate for any loss, will also lengthen the cut flower’s general appearance and overall freshness. Simply by taking simple steps to freshen the bouquet, retarding the bacterial growth, you can increase the beauty and life of a bouquet while also creating a bright, appealing floral arrangement that will last well beyond its anticipated expiration

The Ultimate Plant Cage video

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What is the Difference Between Network IP Cameras and Analog CCTV ...

If you are considering installing a new video surveillance system, or expanding your existing video surveillance system, you might want to consider installing, or upgrading to a network IP video system. A network video surveillance system offers you a number of improvements over a traditional CCTV video system, like better image quality and lower cost to own and maintain.

A network IP system runs off a local area network, or LAN, which connects computers by ethernet. You access each camera like it was it's own computer, because it has it's own network IP address. You can control this camera from anywhere in the world and it makes for easier use than a traditional analog CCTV video system.

For years, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) video surveillance systems were the only choice for video surveillance of your home or business. At first, the images from analog cameras were transmitted through cables to a quad, or monitor for viewing. With the advent of the Video Cassette Recorder (VCR), you were finally able to record the video to a VHS tape for future viewing. However , if you had to actually find an instance of needing the video for law enforcement, it required watching, or fast forwarding through hours of video.

This advanced to using a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or DVR card in a computer to convert the analog video signals to digital formats. Then the video can be recorded to a hard disc, or burned to a DVR. They were still closed systems using CCTV cameras that were viewable only by the administrators of the surveillance system. Recent advancements have allowed those DVR's to have the ability to connect to the Internet, so you can remotely view the cameras from any Internet accessible computer or smart phone. The problems are that the cameras are still analog and the system is far from perfect.

While Network IP Cameras have been around since the mid-1990's, they were originally not as good as professional analog cameras. The allowed digital imaging, networking, and storage, though they were usually web-cams that let you view a tiny, grainy image over the Internet, or a local area network.

The times have changed; technology and IP technology have married up with the digital camera, to create the ultimate video surveillance system. IP network capable cameras have caught up with analog camera technology, and now exceed the quality of the video from traditional CCTV cameras.

The main benefits of an Network IP based video surveillance system is:

* A complete digital solution, no need for DVR's or DVR cards.
* Ease of set-up, no video cables to run.
* Power the camera over your LAN, no power cables to run.
* Pan-Tilt-Zoom is built in, no need for additional hardware.
* 2-way audio is built in, now you can hear and talk to the person.
* Interlace problems are eliminated in high resolution cameras.
* The video is secure, and can be easily scalled as you needs grow.

These are the main advantages of a network surveillance system over an analog surveillance system, so you can make an educated decision before you purchase a new system, or upgrade an existing CCTV based system. You should know that IP cameras are more expensive then CCTV cameras, as they are considered a little computer by the network, and have the digitizing hardware built in.

The cost of installing a network IP camera system starts to pay for itself after 8 cameras, as you have a decreased labor cost due to no video cable to run, you just hook up a switch to a local area network and run your IP cameras off that.

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Hidden Meanings Behind Rose Colors by Gregg Pennington ...

Do you see the world through rose colored glasses? Traditionally this saying was used to describe someone who only sees pleasant things around them, blissfully ignorant of any problems. Roses actually come in a variety of colors, so you could wear a set of yellow or blue rose colored glasses and experience a completely different set of emotions than with the traditional red or pink lenses.

Throughout history, roses have been given on every imaginable occasion, and this highly symbolic gesture has continued to evolve in meaning and tradition. Give the wrong color rose and you could be socially ostracized- well, most likely not, but it never hurts to be aware of the symbolic meaning of the roses you are going to send.

Many of our ideas about the symbolic meaning behind plants and flower colors come from Victorian times, when people did not feel free to verbally express certain feelings. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, first in Europe and then later in the Americas, language-of-flowers dictionaries flourished, giving proper Victorian people a more societally acceptable way to communicate deep, passionate feelings.

Red, at least on St . Valentines Day, is the most commonly given color of rose, and it usually symbolizes romantic love. It can also symbolize courage and passion, but giving red roses to someone not aware of this could lead to an uncomfortable misunderstanding. Be aware of the possible perceptions of your intended recipient.

While all red roses symbolize desire, subtle variations in color can have different symbolic meaning. Amaranth red roses are a symbol of long standing desire, and cardinal red means sublime desire. Carmine means false desire, and fiery red can represent flames of passion. A deep red rose can indicate bashful shame. The burgundy rose has always been symbolic of unconscious beauty.

Do you need a rose that sends a more platonic message of friendship and good will? Consider the yellow rose, messenger of joy, friendship, caring, sympathy, delight. A yellow rose can also symbolize new beginnings, and can say, "Remember Me".

In Victorian times, yellow roses were a symbol of jealousy. The ambiguous nature of the meaning of yellow roses lends magic to this color choice as a gift.

The white rose is commonly used in weddings, and in this context it signifies happy love. It can also mean spiritual love and purity, humility, charm, or innocence. It can also mean, "I am worthy of you, " or be used as a gesture of platonic love.

Lavender roses symbolize love at first sight and enchantment, and can also be used to say "congratulations" to a graduate. Any shade of purple rose exudes a sense of majestic beauty.

A pink rose can hold many meanings. A darker pink rose can symbolize gratitude and appreciation, while a lighter shade of pink could show admiration, sympathy, or joy. Orange roses can signify enthusiasm or desire, or a feeling of warmth, whereas coral usually implies only desire.

The final two colors of roses are intertwined with the world of fantasy and mythology. While neither black nor blue roses occur naturally, both are attempted by florists through drying and dyeing. Black has traditionally been symbolic of death. Consequently, the black rose has been seen as a bad omen, but may also signal rejuvenation. The black rose is probably best used only as a gag gift, however , its meaning is likely to be misinterpreted and you may wind up scaring someone. The blue rose has been considered the "holy grail" of roses. While scientists are currently trying to genetically engineer this elusive flower, the only ones now commercially available are created using blue dye. The blue rose symbolizes fantasy, impossibility, and the search for miracles.

Sending roses has always been a way to express feelings that are difficult to convey in words. By carefully selecting the color, you add a touch of class to any gift and can convey a message steeped in emotion and history. Even though you are no longer blissfully ignorant about the meaning behind the colors of roses, at least you can find the rose colored glasses that best fit you.

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Chapter 16 - The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

How to make an Outdoor Artificial Palm Tree by Justin Foss

Here is a step by step guide to make a artificial palm tree for your home or terrace.

1) First we have to make a life like mold of what ever particular palm tree we are using would have to be created. This mold could consist of either an entire tree, or sections that could later be assembled. This would take some artistic skills to carve out the curves and lines of the particular type of palm tree used.

2) Once the mold has been created, then the composite material used would have to be examined to determine what would be most realistic. This composite would have to be made of some sort of synthetic material to withstand the elements.

3) The sections would be taken out of the molds, cleaned of any excess, and then if not molded with a colored finish, painted and left to dry prior to assembly. It would be important to have the texture and color of the trees be as consistent and realistic as possible, a channel would have to be incorporated into the mold as to allow passage of the fiber optic cables that could be run through to light the tree.

4) Assembly of the tree would be via dowels with some sort of an epoxy and potentially a wire frame as to lend support and strength. Drying time of the epoxy would be determined by several factors.

A) The types of composite material used.
B) The epoxy used.
C) Humidity and working environment.

5) Once the trunk is assembled and the epoxy hardened, then it would be time to Manufacture and attach the palm fronds. These also need to be as realistic as Possible and would be made of some sort of synthetic composite material.

6) Once the fronds are manufactured and painted they would be attached to the trunk Via wires and epoxy for added textile strength. A wire frame would be incorporated within the fronds as to allow for life like sculpting. These trees could be manufactured to varied lengths and types according to the planned landscaping and desired effects of the environment to create a restful serene ambiance for future clients

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