Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to make an Outdoor Artificial Palm Tree by Justin Foss

Here is a step by step guide to make a artificial palm tree for your home or terrace.

1) First we have to make a life like mold of what ever particular palm tree we are using would have to be created. This mold could consist of either an entire tree, or sections that could later be assembled. This would take some artistic skills to carve out the curves and lines of the particular type of palm tree used.

2) Once the mold has been created, then the composite material used would have to be examined to determine what would be most realistic. This composite would have to be made of some sort of synthetic material to withstand the elements.

3) The sections would be taken out of the molds, cleaned of any excess, and then if not molded with a colored finish, painted and left to dry prior to assembly. It would be important to have the texture and color of the trees be as consistent and realistic as possible, a channel would have to be incorporated into the mold as to allow passage of the fiber optic cables that could be run through to light the tree.

4) Assembly of the tree would be via dowels with some sort of an epoxy and potentially a wire frame as to lend support and strength. Drying time of the epoxy would be determined by several factors.

A) The types of composite material used.
B) The epoxy used.
C) Humidity and working environment.

5) Once the trunk is assembled and the epoxy hardened, then it would be time to Manufacture and attach the palm fronds. These also need to be as realistic as Possible and would be made of some sort of synthetic composite material.

6) Once the fronds are manufactured and painted they would be attached to the trunk Via wires and epoxy for added textile strength. A wire frame would be incorporated within the fronds as to allow for life like sculpting. These trees could be manufactured to varied lengths and types according to the planned landscaping and desired effects of the environment to create a restful serene ambiance for future clients

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