Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dummy Cameras Provide Added Security Without The High Costs Of Security Cameras

From the outside, dummy cameras appear to be real security cameras, but they lack the expensive recording components inside. Without physically taking a dummy camera apart, there is no way of knowing it is actually a fake. Dummy cameras provide added security without the high costs of additional cameras. When a criminal sees a security camera, or what is thought to be one, he is likely move on. When faced with a tight budget, dummy cameras are an excellent alternative to fully functioning security cameras.

Various dummy cameras offer an assortment of capabilities, and it is important that you think about the different features and abilities available to you when choosing dummy cameras. Your choice of dummy cameras depends on which elements you feel are the most important and which ones fit your needs and budget the best.


- Flashing or steady LED "recording" light,
- Panning motion or steady,
- Actual camera housings or look-alikes,
- Bullet style or dome style, and
- Indoor or outdoor structure.

Choosing dome style dummy cameras will lead burglars to believe you have the ability to view a 360-degree range of an area, while bullet style dummy cameras give off the perception that a close-up picture of his or her face is being recorded.

Home Use

If you have already installed surveillance equipment in your home, but would like to give the impression of having more cameras, dummy cameras are the way to go. Burglaries are not hasty crimes. Homes are usually staked out by burglars before any crime takes place, and the presence of cameras, especially more than one, is enough to send any burglar on his or her way.

Business Integration

Each year in the United States, retailers lose approximately 10 billion dollars due to shoplifting and 15 billion dollars due to employee theft. The strategic placing of dummy cameras is an efficient and inexpensive way to deter pilfering. Placement should be well thought out, keeping in mind the three locations which will get the most attention: (1) the front entrance (2) the back corners (3) the back door or loading dock.

The power of suggestion offered by the presence of dummy cameras is an effective tool in lowering your costs due to theft.

You deserve top notch security of your home and your business, no matter your budget constraints. The integration of dummy cameras is a cost-efficient and unproblematic way to ensure the safety of your home, family, business, and employees.

Night Vision Video of SVAT CV501-16CH-006 Security Camera System

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