Friday, July 20, 2012

Remote Control Airplanes and Helicopters - Learn to Fly in Your Own Backyard

It doesn’t matter if you spend your free time collecting comic books, sports cards, dolls, or other knick knacks, everyone needs a hobby. Many hobbies that occupy people’s time involve just collecting items that will end up sitting on a shelf for display purposes. However , there is one hobby that allows you to either setup your collectibles in a display case or you can actually take them out and play with them. This hobby involves RC vehicles (remote control airplanes, helicopters, boats, trucks and cars. ) Toy and plane enthusiasts alike have taken up this hobby and many invest a great deal of time and money into their models.

One of the more advanced types of RC vehicles you can buy today is remote control airplanes and helicopters. These are not just toys for hobbyists to enjoy in a park, as they are used quite often by the government and military to collect weather data, test aerodynamics, and even as spy devices. Of course , the government is using more advanced models than what you will find in a hobby shop, but the concept remains the same. Much like the remote control cars, the airplane models come in electric and gas powered varieties.

For someone who is new to flying a remote control airplane or helicopter, it is recommended to start out with a decent electric model. They can be found for around $180. The planes for less than $100 are mostly toys for kids, not the hardcore enthusiast. Now, if you want to move on to something a little more advanced then you can try a gas powered airplane model. These are for the more advanced flyer and will cost you more too. Keep in mind you typically will need a permit and flight insurance to fly the gas powered models, whereas the electric ones do not require them.

If remote control airplanes aren’t your thing, you can also buy remote control helicopters. Just like the plane and car models, the helicopters also are either electric or gas powered. Beginners will want to look for something cheap and small enough that it can be flown indoors. Cheap is ok, but you don’t want to get something so cheap that it will break the first time it hits the ground. The bigger more expensive models are for outdoor flying. If you are looking for a place that is committed to providing quality customer service, as well as great prices on quality remote control vehicles, please take a look at

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