Sunday, May 27, 2012

Repainting Your Ceiling As Part Of A Home Improvement Project

Thorough preparation is the key to any home improvement project. If you intend to repaint your ceiling you will need to gather together your tools and materials; ladders, sponges, brushes, paint, thinners, possibly plaster or filler if you have cracks, sealant, masking tape roller, tray, sandpaper and so on.

Before beginning painting you will need to remove any fixtures such as fans and light fittings. You will also need to repair any defects in the ceiling such as cracks, holes, dents or lumps. The ceiling is always a tricky job as it involves constantly reaching above your head and moving your ladders to reach the right place. The light often makes it difficult to see cracks and defects from up on the ladder, which are perfectly visible from the ground.

If the old paint is peeling it will be worth totally removing it before you start to repaint. When you start painting wear old clothes and ensure the floor and any furniture is well covered. You really can’t avoid some plaint splashes. Wear long sleeves and goggles when using paint and thinners on the ceiling to protect your skin and eyes. Make sure each coat is totally dry before you start the next. It is easier to miss patches on the ceiling than on a wall so you may need an extra coat for even coverage.

When choosing your paint keep in mind that glossy sheen paints are easiest to keep clean and sheen paints are the most durable. These are generally considered most suitable for hallways and bedrooms, but work equally well on ceilings. Flat eggshell paints work well on ceilings but are harder to clean so if you smoke or cook in the room you are painting this might not be appropriate.

Satin paints are semi-glossy paints that are most suited to kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms and give a more cheerful effect than dull matt finishes. Hues, tints and shades can often give a softer appearance to your ceiling and complement your wallpaper or cabinetry, but you should not exclude brilliant white which will give a very clean bright effect and make your ceiling appear higher.

If painting the ceiling in your bathroom or kitchen, you may want to consider a specially designed paint that will not easily be damaged by steam and will resist the mould that can build up if the ventilation in these rooms does not allow quick drying.

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