Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why is a Security Camera a good idea?

In the modern world, break ins happen every single day. If you haven't protected your home or your business adequately then the unfortunate fact is that you could easily become a target. Maybe it won't be tomorrow, maybe it won't be next month, but it could happen down the line - your house or your office or business could be broken into. There are ways you can protect yourself against such a crime from occurring. This article looks at what you can do to ensure your home does not become a target of a thief or criminal.

First of all there are burglar alarms available. These have been the traditional safety measure used in homes across the world. They make a sound when the exterior has been crossed and are usually directly linked to a security firm who will phone or visit the premises to make sure everything is alright. There are several disadvantages with this type of security system however. First of all the chances are high that by the time someone has responded to the alarm the intruder has gone. Without any footage captured of the crime there is very little chance of ever catching the intruder let alone getting your things that have been stolen back. Another problem is that sometimes burglar alarms go off for no apparent reason. Because of this neighbours are not very likely to respond if the alarm is going off as it is so common to assume it is a false alarm. Burglar alarms don't really act as a deterrent to a burglar because of the problems outlined above. It can also be possible for a burglar alarm to be overridden by breaking it. All the intruder has to do is find the box and smash it.

If you really want peace of mind that you home or business is safe then nothing beats a security camera. An intruder by no means wants to be filmed and they will most definitely be put off breaking into a home or building where there is a camera present. You can either choose cameras that are completely on display, ones that are domed so are on display but impossible to tell which way they are pointing or cameras that are totally hidden.

Hidden cameras don't provide the deterrent aspect that other types offer although they are ideal if you in dispute with your neighbours or having difficulties with people living in the area. Often the police will not act unless there is sufficient evidence and hidden cameras can provide just that. Domed cameras are the perfect camera. Not only are they visible to provide the deterrent aspect but they are small and discrete. This makes them suitable for the home where you are unlikely to want large CCTV cameras stuck on the front of your home. It is impossible to know which way the camera is pointing when they are enclosed inside a dome. Large security cameras also have their place and are good for commercial or public buildings. They are are usually large and powerful and on display for all to see. Criminals would be unlikely to strike when a network of these cameras were on display.

At home, having a security camera ensures total peace of mind. It is even possible to have remote access which means even when you are on holiday you can check in via a laptop or even mobile phone that everything is safe. Nothing beats a camera for its high levels of security. There are wireless cctv camera systems available that can be placed anywhere and are very discrete. There are silverline cctv options available too. If you want the best then you should always choose a security camera over an alarm system.

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